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Marina Karides "is assistant professor of sociology at Florida Atlantic University. She is an active participant in the World Social Forums and Sociologists Without Borders. Her recent work considers gendered dimensions of globalization and the global justice movement. She has published articles in Social Problems, Social Development Issues, and International Sociology and Social Policy and multiple chapters that critically examine microenterprise development and the plight of informally self-employed persons in the global south. She is currently writing a book on street vendors and spacial rights in the global economy." [1]

"She is a member of the Political Economy of the World Systems Council and sits on the National Planning Committee of the United States Social Forum. In particular, she has worked to include US sociologists participation in the World Social Forum process." [2]

Selected Publications

  • Judith Blau and Marina Karides (editors). A Better World is Possible, Necessary: The World and US Forums. Leiden, Boston, Tokyo: Brill Publishers.
  • Jackie Smith, Marina Karides, Marc Becker, Christopher Chase Dunn, Dorval Brunelle, Donnatella Della Porta, Rosalba Icaza, Jeffrey Juris, Lorenzo Mosca, Ellen Reese, Jay Smith, Rolando Vasquez. The World Social Forums and the Challenges for Global Democracy. Paradigm Publishers: Boulder, CO.
  • Marina Karides. “Informal Sector Workers, Gender, and Income Inequality in the Caribbean: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago.” Social Development Issues: Alternative Approaches to Global Human Needs 29:1: 42-64.
  • Forthcoming: Marina Karides and Thomas Ponniah. “The Achievements of WSF VII.” SocietiesWithout Borders 3:1.

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