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"Educated at The College of Law, London, Marjatta’s first career was a lawyer, working as a solicitor in general practice. Her career in management consultancy began when she joined Transform, an organisation-development consultancy. Here, she developed expertise in management training and organisation development working in a wide range of businesses in the private and public sectors.

"In 1992 she founded Phoenix Consultancy to continue to develop the human and professional potential of people at work. She has a small world-wide network of close associates who can support her with her extensive client base in the private and public sectors. Marjatta lives in Gloucestershire in the West of England. She is on the supervisory board of Triodos Bank NV, a leading European social bank." [1]

"In preparation for the re-negotiation of a major contract between the Government and a Trade Union, Phoenix Consultancy was engaged to recruit and train the Government side and to train the Trade Union side. This enabled the parties to transform their hitherto “stand-off” relationship into one where creative ideas, effective processes and a relationship built on integrity enabled a new deal to be struck." [


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