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"Mark Atkinson MBBS is one of the world's leading health experts and a pioneer of integral medicine... His books include The Mind-Body Bible, Holistic Health Secrets for Women and True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health.

"Mark is the founder and director of the Integral Health Institute..."Whilst training as a medical student at the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, Mark developed an interest in the practice of meditation, indigenous healing practices and particularly the influence of consciousness and mind on the process of healing. The insights gathered during this time, were to become the foundations of his work with patients in the future. Mark graduated as a medical physician in 1997. It soon became apparent that although he knew how to reduce symptoms with the use of pharmaceutical medications, he knew very little about how to actually help people be healthy. And so started what he refers to as his second medical education. Mark went onto to study the central principles of many of the world’s main traditional medical systems and train in the fields of mind-body medicine, mindfulness meditation, energy psychology, bio-energetic medicine, preventive health, resilience and stress management and functional diagnostic medicine. In 2006 he established the British College of Integrated Medicine to teach doctors and nurses the principles and practices of integrative medicine. In 2008 he founded the Academy of Human Potential through which Mark and his co-teachers delivered workshops, retreats and training programs that focus on mind-body mastery and inner transformation."[1]


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