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Mark Lattimer is director of Minority Rights Group International.

In 2007 Lattimer edited the book Genocide and Human Rights

Contributors include: Introduction; Part I Definitions and Legislation: Genocide as a crime under international law, Raphael Lemkin; The convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide: 50 years later, Matthew Lippman ; The genocide definition in the jurisprudence of the ad hoc tribunals, Guglielmo Verdirame; Rape, genocide and women's human rights, Catherine A. MacKinnon; The crime of political genocide: repairing the genocide convention's blind spot, Beth van Schaack. Part II Understanding Genocide and Mass Violations of Rights: A formula for genocide: comparison of the Turkish Genocide (1915) and the German Holocaust (1939–45), Helen Fein; Patterns of frontier genocide 1808–1910: The aboriginal Tasmanians, the Yuki of California and the Herero of Namibia, Benjamin Madley; Hate speech in Rwanda: the road to genocide, William A. Schabas; The psychology of bystanders, perpetrators, and heroic helpers, Ervin Staub; Were the perpetrators of genocide 'ordinary men' or 'real nazis'? results from 1500 biographies, Michael Mann. Part III Preventing Genocide: No lessons learned from the Holocaust? Assessing risks of genocide and political mass murder since 1955, Barbara Harff; Justice and realpolitik: international law and the prevention of genocide Louis Rene Beres; Genocide and humanitarian intervention, Jack Donnelly; Anticipatory humanitarian intervention in Kosovo, Jonathan I. Charney; Legal responses to genocide and other massive violations of human rights, W. Michael Reisman. Part IV Punishment and Reconciliation: Accountability for past abuses, Juan E. Mendez; State crimes of previous regimes: knowledge, accountability, and policing of the past, Stanley Cohen; Atrocities, deterrence and the limits of international justice, David Wippman; A classification of denials of the Holocaust and other genocides, Israel W. Charney; Reconciliation after ethnic cleansing: listening, retribution, affiliation, John Borneman.

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