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The Markle Foundation, also known as The John and Mary R. Markle Foundation, Inc., was "established in 1927 'to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge. . . and the general good of mankind.' The first foundation to name both husband and wife in its title, it was started with an initial endowment of $3 million."[1]

About the Foundation

The Markle Foundation works to realize the potential of "emerging information and communication technologies ... and to use these technologies to address critical public needs ... to improve people's lives ... The foundation focuses its work in the program areas of Policy for a Networked Society and Information Technologies for Better Health." Markle is currently reviewing its program in Interactive Media for Children.[2]

Board of Directors

Grantees and Partners

Contact Information

Markle Foundation
10 Rockefeller Plaza
16th Floor
New York, NY 10020-1903
Tel: 212/489-6655
Fax: 212/765-9690

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