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This 1992 Philip Morris (PM) media strategy discussion describes a Marlboro marketing plan put together by the Leo Burnett Company. It says that Marlboro must "deliver advertising that is bigger than life--heroic and cool, rather than reality based and 'establishment.' "

The major objective of the advertising plan was to target Young Adult Male Smokers or YAMS. Pursuant to this goal, Burnett determined that YAMS consists generally of "Junk Food Junkies" and "Party Animals," among other types. But Leo Burnett went futher than this, segmenting YAMS into four basic types: Macho Hedonists (who "want beautiful women" yet harbor "anti-woman attitudes,") "50's Throwbacks," who spend their time waxing cars and watching TV, "Enlightened Go-Getters" or EGGS, who are upscale and into fitness, and sensitive "New Age Guys", or SNAGs, who tend to be white, have some college education and are into self-fulfillment and playing music.

Macho hedonists, they noted, read Playboy and Penthouse magazines as well as "enthusiast titles" like Four Wheeler magazine and Popular Hotrodding. 50's Throwbacks are "careful planners" who are "concerned with fitting in" and EGGS are upscale and educated.

Leo Burnett also suggests in this document that PM should target the Asian market more because the smoking rate is higher among Asians than in the general population ("One source estimates that 50-70% of Asian men smoke") and the "Segment is geographically concentrated." (Interpretation: they live concentrated in ghettos, which makes them easier to reach as a group).[1]

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