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"Background Notes" on Martin Peretz, Editor-in Chief/Publisher of The New Republic, state that:

  • In the mid-1960s Peretz was one of [former] Democratic presidential candidate Albert Gore, Jr.'s Harvard political science professors (E.g., see Melinda Henneberger, "A Test of Character, The New York Times, 21 June 2000) and became one of (if not the most influential of) Gore's "mentors." (E.g., see Howard Kurtz, "The Publisher's Winning Ticket," The Washington Post, 17 August 2000).
  • Peretz is a long-time advocate for Israel and Zionism (E.g., see Martin Peretz, "Zionism: the 'God' that did not Fail: if it succeeded, it did so not least because it was not a God. It was a morality, and a politics, of worldliness," The Gazette (Montreal) 25 April 1998, SECTION: THE REVIEW; Pg. B4 LENGTH: 2558 words).
  • In late 1990, "Among those leading the [Gulf] war campaign, one group is made up of former government officials and private-sector policy experts whose main concern has been to halt the spread of nuclear weapons.

Individuals in a second, larger and more influential group share a long history of support for Israel, which has long seen Iraq as a major threat that it wishes to eliminate.

Among the more publicly prominent members of that group are columnist William Safire, former Reagan Administration defense official Richard N. Perle and Martin Peretz, editor of New Republic magazine, all of whom have publicly campaigned for the Administration to adopt elimination of Hussein as its ultimate policy option." (David Lauter, "'War Lobby'" Urges Military Solution," The Los Angeles Times, 14 September 1990).

  • Just hours before casting his Senate vote to support sending U.S. troops to fight in the Persian Gulf, then-Tennessee Senator Al Gore consulted Peretz (John Aloysius Farrell, "Allegation Revived: Simpson Says Gore 'Shopped' Gulf Vote, The Boston Globe, 5 February 2000).
  • Robert Fisk, Correspondent, The Independent (UK), categorized The New Republic as "pro-Israeli" (Robert Fisk, "Pity the Nation: the Abduction of Lebanon," (New York: Atheneum, 1990), pg. 413).


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