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"Martin Shaw is widely regarded as one of the most exciting teachers of the mythic imagination. He is the author of the award winning A Branch From The Lightning Tree, Snowy Tower, and Scatterlings: Getting Claimed in the Age of Amnesia (2016). Director of the Westcountry School of Myth in the UK, Shaw also devised and led the Oral Tradition course at Stanford University. Principal teacher at the Great Mother conference in the US, recent collaborations have included Old Gods with Mark Rylance and Paul Kingsnorth at the Edinburgh Book festival. His translations of Gaelic poetry and folklore (with Tony Hoagland) have been published in Orion Magazine, Poetry International, Kenyon Review, Poetry Magazine, and Mississippi Review. Current work includes: The Nightingale and the Lion (a poetic rumination on the ecstasies, secret traditions and love myths of the west), and Courting the Dawn: Poems of Lorca." [1] Martin is also a patron of the UK charity, Earth Restoration Service. [1]

"Dr. Martin Shaw is a mythologist, author and storyteller. Author of the award winning Mythteller trilogy, he led the Oral Traditions and Mythic Life courses at Stanford University, and is co-designer (with Dr. Carla Stang) of the Myth and Ecology MA at Schumacher College. Director of the Westcountry School of Myth, Dr. Shaw spent four years living in a black tent on a succession of English hills, exploring remaining pockets of English wilderness. Recent collaborations have included “Lost Gods” with Mark Rylance and Paul Kingsnorth, and he is currently finishing a book of translations of the poet Lorca (with Stephan Harding) entitled Courting The Dawn." [2]

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