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Masum Momaya "is a 29-year-old South Asian American woman currently finishing her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She is researching how young women across the political spectrum in U.S. view relationships between experiences in their bodies and experiences in politics. Considering herself an aspiring scholar-activist, she learns and acts through research, teaching, community-organizing activities (especially in the South Asian American community), dance choreography, and subversive actions of daily living.

"Previously, Masum worked with the Global Fund for Women, the Three Guineas Fund, the Women's Intercultural Network, and Saheli, a South Asian Women’s Collective. She has an honors B.A. in Feminist Studies and Public Policy from Stanford University, a Masters in Education from Harvard University, and is a graduate of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs in San Francisco. She currently resides just outside of Chicago, Illinois." [1]

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