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Matthews Media Group is a Maryland-based public relations firm that does work on display advertisements, campaign materials, logos, posters, exhibits, and publications, along with science writing, health care writing, focus groups and focus groups and psychographic analysis. [1]

U.S. Government PR Contracts

According to the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform Minority Office, Matthews Media Group received the following amounts per year, for federal PR contracts: [2]

  • $220,000 in 1997
  • $2,256,000 in 1998
  • $6,166,000 in 1999
  • $7,598,000 in 2000
  • $17,606,000 in 2001
  • $14,146,827 in 2002
  • $9,767,106 in 2003
  • $10,090,099 in 2004

MMG's federal contracts have included work for the Department of Health and Human Services, for their National Cancer Institute, to analyze newspaper coverage of tobacco issues, and to assist the National Institutes of Health with “patient recruitment strategies.”


From their website, the leadership of their "staff of more than 150" includes: [3]

Contact Info

Matthews Media Group
2600 Tower Oaks Boulevard
Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-984-7191

Website: <tdo>search_term=Matthews Media Group</tdo>