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Michael L. Elliott "has worked in negotiation, environmental dispute management, environmental risk management, and environmental planning and policy for 25 years. His particular expertise lies in the design and evaluation of environmental dispute resolution and public participation processes, and in the mediation of public policy disputes... [work experience includes:]

"Israel (1998 - present): worked with the Consensus Building Institute, Israel Center for Negotiation and Mediation, Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information, and Israel's Ministry of the Environment on dispute systems design and capacity building, particularly as related to initiating the Joint Environmental Mediation Service (a joint Palestinian/Israeli mediation group).

"Estonia, Kazakhstan, and Russia (1991 - 1997): worked with the International Programs Consortium, the US EPA, the US Information Agency, the US Institute for Peace, and international counterparts on the management of international water disputes (Baltic Sea and Caspian Sea) and, in Estonia, more broadly on the design and integration of domestic environmental management systems with dispute management systems.

"Nicaragua (1994 - 1995): worked with the United Nations Development Programme and the Carter Center to design dispute management systems for resolving land tenure and property ownership conflicts.

"Germany (1993 - 1997): process consultant for Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung to explore the transferability of U.S. environmental mediation experience to Germany." [1]

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