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"Michael Solomon was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1945. As a child he discovered his profound love for nature. His journey led him to live with Native American elders where he gained him insight, experience and knowledge of their many ceremonial traditions, organic farming methods and food preparation.

"Victoras Kulvinskas, author of “Survival in the 21st Century” suggested that Michael visit a farming community in Ecuador, which quickly became his home by falling in love with the beautiful indigenous lush green Vilcabamba, while living on and cultivating the land for over 12 years.

"In 1991 he discovered 6 acres in Vilcabamba Valley, where his Vision of IEENI was formed. Michael returned to the U.S. six months later and formed a not-for-profit Foundation called The International Essene Educational Network Inc. (IEENI) Foundation) which is currently pending reinstatement.

Donations were generously given to purchase six acres of ‘heaven on earth’. He immediately started to clear the land and planted fruit trees and vegetable gardens while his journey continues by taking on the cause of preserving Vilcabamba Valley, the Rainforest (The Lungs of the Planet) and the Indigenous tribes of Ecuador...." [1]


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