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The Middle East Forum is a right-wing think tank founded in 1990 by Daniel Pipes. According to its website, the MEF seeks to: "define and promote American interests in the Middle East, fight radical Islam, work for Palestinian acceptance of Israel, reduce energy dependence on the Middle East and counter the Iranian threat." In addition it seeks to "...help shape the intellectual climate in which U.S. foreign policy is made." [1]

Its committee and boards include such right-wing Zionists as David Steinmann and Dalck Feith (father of Douglas Feith). MEF is closely linked to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where Pipes was an adjunct scholar.

MEF publishes the Middle East Quarterly (MEQ), edited by Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Martin Kramer, previously the director of Tel Aviv University's Dayan Centre are its senior editors.

Anders Breivik

Anders Breivik, the confessed Norway right-wing terrorist who planted a bomb in Oslo that killed eight people and shot and killed 68 people (mostly teenagers) at a youth camp in July 2011, cited Pipes and the Middle East Forum eighteen times in his 1,500 page anti-Islam manifesto. [1]


According to the Center for American Progress, the Middle East Forum "received millions of dollars in funds over the past decade, thanks to generous donors such as Donors Capital Fund, which gave $2,300,000; the Bradley Foundation ($305,000); the Russell Berrie Foundation ($273,000); the Becker Foundation ($355,000); the Anchorage Fund and William Rosenwald Family Fund ($2,320,299). [1]

Forum Activities


As of July, 2013:[2]

Board of Directors

Board Members

Source: Juan Cole, Informed Comment, Dec. 8, 2004. (Comments below by Cole)

Contact Details

1500 Walnut Street
Suite 1050
Philadelphia, PA 19102
TEL: (215) 546-5406
FAX: (215) 546-5409
E-Mail: info@meforum.org
Website: http://www.meforum.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Middle.East.Forum
Twitter: https://twitter.com/meforum

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