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Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND) "promotes active nonviolence and encourages alternatives to violence among youth and adults throughout Palestine. MEND employs innovative methods, especially with the media, and is widely respected for working with authenticity, professionalism and courage." [1]


In 2000 they received a grant from the NED "To expand MEND's student training pilot program, focusing on nonviolent conflict resolution and democratic development in Palestinian schools, conduct specialized training sessions for teachers from participating schools, and prepare a manual for future teacher training."

In 2001 they received a grant from the NED "To promote nonviolence and democracy through the training of Palestinian students and educators from Jerusalem schools, and by broadcasting bi-weekly radio programs on non-violent conflict resolution, rule of law, and democratic development." [2]

MEND UK Projects

  • Leading the way together – in conjunction with ‘Save the Children
  • The Participatory Video (PV) Project – in conjunction with the Ford Foundation.
  • The Active Nationwide Non-violence Network – funded by the European Union and supported by the British Consulate General and Development Cooperation Ireland.
  • Towards A Culture of Tolerance and Coexistence Started in September 2004 with support from the EU.

"MEND UK launched at Parliament on July 4th with the former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, voicing her support to MEND and praised Lucy for her work in Palestine. Mrs Robinson said “Those who share MEND's values of non-violence, personal responsibility and civic pride are pioneers in the search for a peaceful settlement in the Middle East.” Mrs Robinson also talked about the problems of terrorism and the dangers of the media making “terrorism” synonymous with the Palestinians." [3]

Other Projects

In June 2004, MEND "provided the translation and printing" costs for an Arabic translation of Gene Sharp's There Are Realistic Alternatives. [4]

People [5]

Core Staff

  • Lucy Nusseibeh (Founder and Director – MA Oxford, MA Harvard, 2004-2006 Senior Fellow at the Women and Public Policy Programme, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University).
  • Fakhira Haloun (Coordinator/Trainer for the project “Towards a Culture of Tolerance and Co-Existence – Conflict Resolution expert)
  • Hodoub Allan (Finance Officer)
  • Osama Abu Karsh (Ramallah/youth coordinator)
  • Hejazi Jaaberi (Hebron/southern coordinator)
  • Yacoub Rujoub (Izariyya/youth coordinator)
  • Nour Shahadeh (Tul Karem/Northern region coordinator)
  • Adel Ruished (Board Member, Monitoring Committee, MBA Al-Quds University)
  • Lozan Diazdara (secretary and finance assistant)
  • Elias Abu Rakabeh (office manager)



Web: http://www.mendonline.org

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