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Mike Gallagher is "a Salem Radio Network-syndicated talk radio host and Fox News Channel contributor and guest host. He is "the 6th most listened-to radio talk show host in the country."[1]

Gallagher is the author of a book, Surrounded by Idiots: Fighting Liberal Lunacy in America (William Morrow, June 2005, ISBN 0060737980).

Round Up the Dissenters

"Without a shred of irony, Gallagher then called for the government to round up ['The View' host Joy] Behar, Matt Damon and Keith Olbermann and 'take the whole bunch of them and put them in a detention camp until this war is over, because they’re a bunch of traitors'," Chris Hedges wrote December 21, 2006, in Truthdig. Video and full transcript available at Think Progress.[2]

Peace Vigil in Crawford, Texas

"More than 100 supporters of President Bush traveled to Crawford [from Dallas] Friday [August 12, 2005] to stage a counter protest ... led by syndicated radio talk show host Mike Gallagher in what he called a 'pro-America bus trip.' ... After about 30 minutes, most of the 100 counter-protestors boarded the bus headed back to the Metroplex. About a dozen Bush supporters remained at the makeshift camp, which has been nicknamed Camp Casey in honor of [Cindy] Sheehan's son." --Waco Tribune-Herald, August 13, 2005.

  • "As Ms. Sheehan and the 'Camp Casey' protesters sang America The Beautiful or stood quietly, the right-wing group chanted 'we don't care' at the mother who lost her son, Casey, to Bush's war in Iraq." [1]
  • The Associated Press (Austin American-Statesman) presented a slightly different version; Angela K. Brown, who said Sheehan wasn't present at the time, wrote that "Gallagher rallied his spirited, flag-waving group over a bullhorn — and the Bush supporters chanted 'USA!' and 'Go George go!'"
  • See photo of Gallagher in action.

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