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Millennium Institute

"MI’s wish is for a world that is sustainable, equitable, and peaceful for the present and future generations.

"Our vision is a global community where people, organizations, and nations understand the dynamics of whole systems in which they live and operate; the consequences of their decisions; and possess the ability to plan and mobilize this future.

"Our mission is to build a critical mass of people and organizations with systems thinking skills that will enable countries generate dynamic planning tools, and with these tools, take full ownership of their development agenda.

"Our strategy is to promote systems literacy and dynamic modeling tools in the public policy realm, civil society, private sector, and academic institutions in the developing and industrialized world." [1]

Partners [2]

Governments: Mozambique, Mali, Malawi, Jamaica

Non-Governmental Organizations: Carter Center, Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations, Conservation International

UN Agencies: United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environmental Programme

Bilateral Development Agencies: Canadian International Development Agency, Swedish International Development Agency

Private Foundations: Changing Horizons Fund, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Beldon Fund, Tidewater Research Foundation

Corporations: General Motors

Universities: Chancellor College, University of Malawi; University of Bergen

Staff [3]

Trustees [4]


2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 650, Arlington, VA 22201

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