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Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005) wiki "is one of the finest naturalists in the world. Educated at home, she is a Fellow of the Royal Society, and was awarded a DSc by Oxford University. She has published numerous scientific papers as the world's foremost expert on fleas, and on subjects including winkles, seagulls, butterflies and conservation. The granddaughter of the first Lord Rothschild, Miriam is the author of several books including the biography of her uncle, Dear Lord Rothschild, an autobiographical anthology Butterfly Cooing Like a Dove, and a glorious description of wildlife gardening, The Butterfly Gardener. Her family has included outstanding natural historians and her father, Charles, has been described as the father of Nature Conservation. Sharing this passion for plants and wildlife, Miriam's own garden at Ashton in Northamptonshire is an outstanding example of wildflower and grassland gardening, of Nature at its most abundant. Miriam Rothschild's interest in conservation includes her role as advisor on gardens to HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales." [1]

"Miriam's brother Victor, the third baron, eventually head of research for Shell International and of Edward Heath's Downing Street think tank, went to Harrow and Cambridge; Victor and Miriam were the first brother and sister to become Royal Society fellows...

"But while Miriam could flourish outside universities, she took a full part in running the bodies and causes she favoured. These ranged from committee work for her father's Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves and vice-presidency of its successor organisations - the Royal Society for Nature Conservation (1981) and the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (2004) - to her trusteeship of the Natural History Museum (1967-75), the first by a woman." [2]

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