Mohammed Umar

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Muhammad Umar "is the chairman of Ramadhan Foundation, Patron of Ramadhan Trust, founding member of Ramadhan Publishing House and chief Patron of the Happy Home Trust (registered charity England & Wales) which is providing free lodging, food and education for the poor orphaned children of Asia, the trusts aim is to eradicate and to make an end to poverty. We must be the change we want to see in the world

"Muhammad Umar made history by becoming the youngest person be to invited on the BBC HardTalk to discuss the aftermath of the 7th July Terrorist attacks in London and the way forward. He has appeared on numerous TV and Radio interviews. He has delivered lectures throughout the UK, Europe and the USA on the Muslim role in the west, interfaith and peaceful co-existence. He is great advocator of tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

"His search for the truth has taken him to various places from the deserts of Mauritania to Morocco, Egypt and the UK. he has lead various delegations to different parts of the world.

"Currently he is publishing his forthcoming and first book on the Traditional Education System of Islam; he is also editing to publish a number of more titles. Currently he resides with his family in Rochdale [U.K.]." [1]