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Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin (MBD) was a public relations company, based in Washington D.C., that specialized in gathering intelligence on activist organizations for their scores of business clients, and developing strategies and tactics to protect their clients from activists. It was founded by Jack Mongoven (an ex-journalist turned GOP operative), Alvin Biscoe, and Ron Duchin, who were formerly principal executives of Pagan International. Pagan International, in turn, was founded by Mongoven with Rafael Pagan after the pair made their names by thwarting the late-1970s and 1980s boycott of Nestlé for its active promotion of infant formula in developing countries. They had been hired by Nestlé to devise and implement a "divide and conquer" strategy to bring down the boycott.[1] In 2003, MBD merged into the Washington, D.C., intelligence firm Stratfor.[2]


Known Associates


In 1981, Jack Mongoven helped Nestle fight an infant-formula boycott by producing dossiers on the groups leading the boycott.[3]

In 1994, MBD created a stealth proposal for R.J. Reynolds to assist them in "formulating specific long range objectives which will work to the benefit of RJR but which will not appear to have a direct linkage to RJR or to the ETS [environmental tobacco smoke] issue." The proposal contained an idea to leverage the issue of multiple chemical sensitivities to "mobilize pressure regarding indoor air pollution which will mandate greater HVAC [ventilation] capacities in all buildings, thus reducing pressure on ETS."[4]

In 1995, Bart sent a survey form out to a range of non-governmental organizations around the world requesting their assistance in providing internal information on their organisations.[5]

In 1999, Jack Mongoven advised Phillip Morris on the World Health Organisation's development of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. (See Jack Mongoven for more information on this.)

Around early 2002, MBD created a new division, MBD Consulting Group. O'Dwyer's PR Daily reported that the MBD Consulting Group will "address security issues at industrial infrastructure sites." According to O'Dwyers, Timothy Knowlton, "previously a trader on Wall Street and liaison officer for seven of the 10 American Enterprise Funds," had been appointed as Executive Vice-President of the new division.[6]


Case Studies

Contact Information

As of August 1999:

1100 Connecticut Avenue
Suite 300
Washington D.C. 20036
Phone (202) 429 1800
Fax (202) 429 8655

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