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Mother Jones "is an independent nonprofit whose roots lie in a commitment to social justice implemented through first rate investigative reporting." Their work is "made possible, in large part, by the support of the Foundation for National Progress and through donations from individual readers." [1]

"The founding editors of Mother Jones--Adam Hochschild, Richard Parker, and Paul Jacobs--left Ramparts shortly before its final demise. They inherited the Ramparts mailing list, asked Stermer to design some early covers, and carried on its muckraking." [1]


Directors (2010)

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Coverage of tobacco issues

Mother Jones has a long history of investigative journalism and publication of stinging expose's on tobacco issues. In July, 1979 Mother Jones published an article titled "Cigarettes & sofas: How the tobacco lobby keeps the home fires burning" about the extent of cigarette-caused fires in the U.S., and the push for self-extinguishing cigarettes.[4] In 1979, Mother Jones published an article titled, "Shoot Out in Marlboro Country," that described Philip Morris' efforts to censor the documentary "Death in the West," in which real-life cowboys who were dying of smoking-induced illnesses, and their doctors were interviewed. [5]

In 1996, Mother Jones published an article on tobacco politics and the tobacco industry's ties to the Republican party.[6]





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