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Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company operates the Mt. Poso Cogeneration Plant. The company is based in Bakersfield, California. Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company was a subsidiary of Red Hawk Energy LLC. Its parent company is Northern Star Generation. [1]

Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company plans for its plant to be the first cogeneration conversion from fossil fuel to 100% renewable biomass - agricultural and residential green waste from nearby areas. The conversion is expected to be completed by Sept. 2010.[2]

Existing Coal Plants

Plant Name State Year(s) Built Capacity
Mt. Poso Cogeneration Plant CA 1989 27 MW

Contact Information

Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company
8302 Espresso Drive
Suite 130
Bakersfield, CA 93312
Phone: 661.663.3155

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