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My Sister's Keeper "is a women-led, women-focused, humanitarian action group.

"In July 2001, Gloria White-Hammond and Liz Walker were invited by Zurich-based human rights organization, Christian Solidarity International, to travel to southern Sudan to take part in a slave redemption mission. As part of a delegation of several other African-American ministers, White-Hammond and Walker participated in the liberation of over 6,700 enslaved women and children. Bearing witness to the untenable realities of slavery taking place in the 21st century changed their lives forever.

"The next year, White-Hammond returned with Cynthia Bell and Pat Brandes, still reeling from the struggles and stories she learned of from the formerly enslaved women she had met a year earlier. We spent days talking with women in villages throughout the south-western region of Sudan, in Gogrial County. We asked the women to share ways in which American women might come alongside in solidarity in support of their efforts. We heard them speak of a need for grinding mills to lessen the amount of arduous physical labor they would need to do to prepare daily meals, and shared their dreams for schools to educate their girls. Through talking sister to sister, the basis for a trusted working relationship between the Sudanese women and the American women was solidified.

"The courage, resilience and forward thinking of the Sudanese women during the midst of a raging war spurred us to get busy. Upon returning to the States, we established an organizational vehicle for the work — calling it, "My Sister's Keeper"...

"The next year, Ashley Lanfer and Melinda Weekes joined the four women, and in July 2004, traveled with White-Hammond and Bell to Gogrial Country...

"In 2007 we pleasantly welcomed Sister Bridget Haase and Joaquina Borges-King on our Board." [1]

"My Sister's Keeper represented as lead organization in the Million Voices for Darfur Rally held in Washington, D.C. on April 30, 2006. My Sister's Keeper's Gloria White-Hammond serves as National Chairwoman for this national advocacy campaign." [2]


Accessed August 2008: [3]


215 Forest Hills Street
Boston (Jamaica Plain), Massachusetts 02130-3302

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