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"An operating foundation working to re-establish balance between the scientific-intellectual world view and the vast, more intuitive potential of the human spirit" (Quote on Homepage)

"The Myrin Institute is a nonprofit organization engaged in programs that are educational in the broadest sense of the word. These initiatives address critical issues of modern life.

"Founded in 1953 by H. A. W. Myrin, an international businessman and humanitarian, and Franz E. Winkler, a physician and author, the Institute began as a forum in which scientists, educators, political leaders, economists, and religious leaders could exchange views on matters of current interest and offer constructive criticism of each others' initiatives. In 1954 the first Proceedings was issued and contained the following words by Mr. Myrin.

"The founders of the Institute believe that a genuine reconciliation of the modern scientific attitude with a spiritual world concept is by far the most essential need of modern man. Such a reconciliation will open the way for a philosophy of human freedom which is the safest protection against destructive ideologies and our only valid hope for lasting peace." [1]

"The following organizations have worked in partnership with the Myrin Institute." [2]

"The American Council for Drug Education grew out of another Myrin initiative. It too came to have an independent, but still affiliated, existence." [1]



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