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Myron Wasylyk is senior vice president and managing director of The PBN Company, a public relations firm headquartered in Washington, DC that has extensive interests in Ukraine.

The company handles public relations for Victor Yushchenko, the western-leaning candidate in Ukraine's disputed presidential elections in 2004. Wasylyk has been quoted in the press as a spokesman for Yushchenko [1].


The profile of Myron Wasylyk on PBN's website [2] offers the following brief biography:

The profile also states that Wasylyk is involved in the following public roles:

Quotes by Wasylyk about the Ukrainian election crisis of 2004

  • November 25, The Washington Times: "'Moscow knowingly engaged its advisers in the Ukrainian election and were cognizant of the potential conflicts that could occur on the ground if massive election fraud occurred,' said Myron Wasylyk, an international adviser with experience working in Moscow, Kiev and Washington." [3]
  • November 26, The Moscow Times: "Myron Wasylyk, a spokesman for Yushchenko's political bloc, confirmed Thursday that the opposition candidate received the tapes from law enforcement officials." [4]
  • December 2, Bloomberg: "Yushchenko rejects starting the election from scratch and wants a rerun of the second round, said Myron Wasylyk, an aide to Yushchenko." [5]
  • December 2, BBC News: "'Viktor Yushchenko does not want to win another election,' said opposition spokesman Myron Wasylyk. He added that Mr Kuchma's team had made indirect approaches to discuss a possible immunity deal, but had been rebuffed. 'To do a deal you need two sides,' he said. 'Yushchenko will not cut a deal.'" [6]
  • December 3, Reuters: "'It's a great result. It opens up the way to a resolution of the political crisis,' said opposition analyst Myron Wasylyk." [7]

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