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N379P-N8068V-N44982 is listed among planes alleged to have been used for extraordinary rendition.

According to Amnesty International (AI) [1], the "Gulfstream V executive jet, variously registered as N379P, N8068V and N44982 has been the plane most often identified with known cases of rendition. AI has records of 590 landings and take offs between February 2001 and September 2005.

  • Registration: registered in February 2000 by Premier Executive Transport Services, Inc.; it was re-registered as N8068V at the beginning of 2004; and again re-registered as N44982 in December 2004 by Bayard Foreign Marketing, LLC, a phantom company registered in Oregon State since August 2003. No other aircraft were registered by Bayard Foreign Marketing. The aircraft was put up for sale in late 2005, and is now the property of a company based in Miami, Florida. See an advertisement for the sale of this Gulfstream V executive jet at US Aircraft Sales.
  • "Landing rights: Premier Executive Transport Services aircraft were permitted to land in the US bases worldwide (expiration 15 October 2005).
  • "Range and capacity: average range of 5,800 nautical miles at 459/585 knots (non-stop Washington Dulles-Kabul in 12 hours, for example). The aircraft can transport up to 18 passengers, but it is usually configured for 8 passengers."


  • The "Intelligence Flights through Scotland report" prepared by the Scottish National Party on CIA rendition flights shows the "Gulfstream jet (Registration number N379P/N8068V) nicknamed the Guantanamo Bay Express" which was "reportedly used to transport suspects to the US prison on Cuba. That plane is listed in the report as having landed five times at Glasgow and Prestwick airports between 2002 and the end of 2004. ... " [2]
  • "Use of Scottish airports includes: ... a Gulfstream V executive jet, variously registered as N379P, N8068V and N44982, ... has passed through Glasgow Airport 20 times and Prestwick 36 times." See page 37 of the Amnesty International report. [3][4]

Confirmed Flights: N379P and N8068V

"Flights of CIA planes through RAF Northolt confirmed" by the Ministry of Defence (MoD): [5] N379P

  • Arrived from Islamabad, 15:50, Oct 18, 2002. Departed to Washington, 09:00, Oct 20.
  • Arrived from Amman, 12:50, Jan 16, 2003. Departed to Shannon, 10:00, Jan 18 03.
  • Arrived from Washington, 20.05, Feb 24. Departed to Glasgow, 09:00, Feb 26.
  • Arrived from Dohaa, 12:49, Feb 28. Departed to Glasgow, 09:00, Mar 1.


  • Arrived from Marrakesh, 12:10, May 15 04. Departed to Luton 13:00.
  • Arrived from Luton, 11:05, May 17. Departed to Shannon, 08:00, May 18.

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