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Now known as The Breakthrough Way .

"NEW WAY USA offers a bold vision for the US based on positive solutions. It is a multi-issue center that draws on the best ideas and model programs, translates them into public policy, and communicates them effectively through all media - radio, TV, newspapers, and the web. We are building relationships with media professionals so they will be aware of these approaches and write about them. We reach out to the public to build support for these approaches. We reach out to state and federal public officials so they can implement public policies and programs informed by these breakthroughs. For example, Deborah Meier's successful approach to public education can be made known more widely to chairs of education committees in both Congress and state houses, as well as to the general public to build support for that approach to education.

"Clearly this is an ambitious project. We are forming strategic partnerships among the best of current efforts so we can dramatically increase effectiveness. NEW WAY USA is in the developmental stage. The website,, should be available for viewing by September. We are looking for donor-partners who are serious about results. Donations are tax deductible. NEW WAY USA is a project of the Tides Center." [1]

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