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Biographical Information

Mrs. Nabila Hamza is the President of the Foundation for the Future (DEMOCRACY) "which is an independent international nonprofit organization established in 2005. She has dedicated herself fully to the mission and detailed activities of this important organization, with a constant devotion to support the civil society initiatives in their efforts to promote democracy and human rights in the Broader MENA region, the Foundation for the Future remains profoundly committed to enhancing and strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in their efforts to advance democracy building and Human Rights protection. Thus, in recognition of her significant role in the Foundation’s continuing efforts to support civil society initiatives; the Arab Pioneer and Innovators Forum granted an honoring award to Ms. Nabila Hamza in November 2009. This award formed an occasion to disseminate information on the Foundation’s achievements as a reliable and credible partner to civil society organizations for the promotion of human rights and democracy in the region.

"Prior to her work at the Foundation for the Future, Mrs. Hamza has been the Executive Director of the Arab women Center for Training and Research (CAWTAR), a regional center based in Tunisia and funded by UNDP, UNFPA and IPPF. She has worked as Expert in the League of Arab States for 10 years.

"Mrs. Hamza held various leading positions in the Public Sector in Tunisia and worked as a consultant for UNDP, UNFPA, the European Commission, the Economic and Social Commission for Eastern Asia (ESCWA). She has been the Coordinator of many regional programs, such as the Regional Program for "Combating violence against women" (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI). She was also nominated as member of the High National Commission in charge of elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and Member of the National Commission for Equal opportunities in TUNISIA.

"Ms Hamza is a well-recognized researcher in social and political science and gender Expert. She holds an MA in International Relations and Political Sciences from the University of Sorbonne in Paris. She has published and contributed to a wide range of books and articles on public policies, social development, good governance, gender issues, poverty alleviation and employment in the Arab region. She participated to the elaboration of the first Arab Human Development Report, issued by UNDP.

"Moreover, Mrs. Hamza has been a founding member of several women's rights and development associations through which she acquired a wide knowledge of civil society organizations in the Arab countries. " [1]

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