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Nadine Naber is an assistant professor in the Program of American Culture and the Department of Women's Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She conducts research and teaches courses in the area of Arab American Studies. Her first book in progress, Arab San Francisco: On Gender, Cultural Citizenship, and Belonging. focuses on negotiations of race, gender, and sexuality among Arab youth in San Francisco, California. Her current research is funded by the Russell Sage Foundation and focuses on shifts in racial formations among Arab and Muslim Americans in the aftermath of September 11th.

"She has published articles that situate Arab Americans in the context of U.S. Racial and Ethnic Studies (Naber, N. 2002. "So our History Doesn't Become your Future: The Local and Global Politics of Coalition Building Post September 11th. The Journal of Asian American Studies. October: 217-242; Naber, N. 2000. "Ambiguous Insiders, An Investigation of Arab American Invisibility." Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies. 23(1)). She has also written on the implications of the World Conference against Racism for Transnational Feminist Practice (Naber, N. and Blackwell, Maylei. "Intersectionality in an Era of Globalization: The Impact of the World Conference Against Racism on Transnational Feminist Practice." Meridians: Race, Transnationalism, and Feminism. 2(2).

"Nadine Naber is a board member of INCITE! Women of Color against Violence, Racial Justice 911, and RAWAN (Radical Arab Women's Activist Network)." [1]


  • (2005) Humanities Research Institute, University of California, Irvine, Fellowship in Residence Group, “Gender and Sexual Dissidence in Muslim Majority and Muslim Minority Communities” ($15,000)
  • (2005) Rachkam Faculty Research Grant, University of Michigan, for Research on “Arab San Francisco: On Gender, Cultural Citizenship, and Belonging” ($7,000)
  • (2005) Institute for Research on Women and Gender for Support for Scholarly Activities on Women or Gender, IRWG, University of Michigan, for Research on Shifts in Arab American Gendered-Racialization post-September 11th” ($7,000)
  • (2004) Center for Research, Learning and Teaching, Interdisciplinary Faculty Associates Grant, University of Michigan, in support of the team-taught course, “Women of Color and Social Movements,” ($5,000)
  • (2002-2003) Russell Sage Foundation. Award for Research on Arab and Muslim Identities after September 11th,” ($70,000)

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