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Biographical Information

"Nancy Roof, Ph.D. is the founder of the award-winning Kosmos Journal: The Journal for World Citizens and Planetary Civilization, which is based on evolving interior development and cultural values as they impact globalization and world community. Kosmos Associates, Inc. is also actively involved in the founding of the Global Commons movement with James B. Quilligan of the Global Commons Trust. Nancy won the 2009 Images and Voices of Hope award for journalism as a tool to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation in a global shift to higher-level thinking. In 2004, Kosmos was nominated by Utne for excellence. Her testimony on the human dimension of the United Nations was distributed to the US President and Congress. As a founder of Transpersonal Psychology (late 70s), she served as a spiritual guide to individuals for 20 years. In the late 80s, she began to define the field of global transformation at the United Nations, where she successfully lobbied for elevated global standards in international treaties and co-founded the Values Caucus (1994) and the Spiritual Caucus (2000). Working with 78 international organizations in war zones for over two years, she recognized the traumatic effect of war, not only on military personnel, but on their families, communities and service providers. She then designed the first global training programs and workbook on secondary traumatic stress, implemented initially during the Balkan wars and now used internationally. She is a founding member of the Global Commons Initiative, World Wisdom Council, Creating the New Civilization Initiative, 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign, WorldShift 2012 (Ervin Laszlo), Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, a Board member of Integral Review and Living Earth TV and a speaker at Mikhail Gorbachev's World Political Forum. " [1]

"In 1970 she co-founded The Mountain School, to teach meditation and interior spiritual practices from a variety of religious traditions. She co-founded an alternative medicine practice where she worked with medical doctors on the mind/body relationship. Dr. Roof founded and developed the first Transpersonal Psychology training programs on the East Coast at Beacon College MA program in 1980. She had a flourishing private practice in individual in-depth psychology based on the psychology she developed combining Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices.

"She has designed numerous workshops and been a key speaker at the UN and at many professional international conferences. She is now initiating salons and conversation groups around the themes of Kosmos Journal. She is a member of the President’s Club of the Integral Institute (Ken Wilber), a founding member of Integral Sustainability at the Integral Institute, a founding partner of the global initiative on Creating a New Civilization, Vice-President of Lifebridge Foundation, Advisory Board of Ethical Markets (Hazel Henderson)..." [2]

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