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Naomi Seibt is a German YouTube personality who was contracted by The Heartland Institute in late 2019. Dubbed the "Anti-Greta" by Heartland, Seibt was hired in attempts to create a counterweight to climate activist Greta Thunburg.[1] [2] [3]

News and Controversies

Neo-Nazi Ties and Anti-Semitic Statements

Naomi Sebit was photographed attending the "1,000 White Crosses" march in Münster, Germany in 2018. The March was organized by anti-abortion groups, and at least one contingency of participants included well-known German Neo-Nazi Robert Malcoci, who was pictured next to Sebit.[4] [2] [5] [6]

A video on Twitter of Jamie Corey of the watchdog group Documented (and former employee of CMD / SourceWatch) shows Seibt denying attendance at any Neo-Nazi events.[7]

The Guardian reported on antisemitic comments made by Seibt in an online video that was published shortly after a deadly Synagogue shooting in Halle, Germany on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur:[8]

   In a YouTube discussion last year that was highlighted in a report by the German broadcaster ZDF, Seibt discussed an attack on a synagogue in Halle that killed two people who were outside the temple, and said Jews were considered to be “at the top” of groups who were seen as being oppressed. “Ordinary Germans”, she said, were “at the bottom”. Muslims, she added, were somewhere in between.
   The remarks were part of a video discussion that appears to have been deleted. They were seen by some experts as saying that Germans had less pity for “ordinary German” victims of crime than for Jews and Muslims. A portion of the discussion was included in a report by ZDF and is still available online. [9]

Praise for White Nationalists

On the morning of a CPAC panel event featuring Naomi Seibt and The Heartland Institute's James M. Taylor, The Guardian published comments by Seibt praising Canadian White Nationalist Stefan Molyneux.[9]

At the CPAC event, Seibt re-asserted her admiration for Molyneux in response to questions from a Business Insider reporter:

   During a Q&A session, Insider read Molyneux's following quote to Seibt: "I've always been skeptical of the ideas of white nationalism, of identitarianism and white identity. However, I am an empiricist, and I could not help but notice that I could have peaceful, free, easy, civilized, and safe discussions in what is essentially an all-white country."
   Insider asked Seibt if she was aware of Molyneux's statement and, if so, still considered herself a fan of his.
   "I am still a fan of Molyneux's, absolutely," Seibt replied.
   Seibt added: "I know that the statement taken out of context sounds incredibly racist to many people. To me, it does not because he is not devaluing other races, not at all. He's just describing his experience in Western countries.[10] [11]

In response to a question from Jamie Corey of Documented, filmed at CPAC 2020, regarding support for Molyneux, Seibt dismissed association with white nationalism, stating,

   "I don't care if you're a Jew, or a Muslim, or 100% German."[7]

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