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Note: NCEP morphed into the Bipartisan Policy Center in 2002[1], i.e., the Energy Policy is one section of the bigger BPC organization. The materials found below are fairly dated.

The National Commission on Energy Policy was formed by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, in "partnership with four other national foundations. ... Composed of some of the nation’s most respected leaders on energy, the Commission is a bipartisan group of leading energy experts who have come together to develop a long-term U.S. energy strategy that promotes national security, economic prosperity, and environmental safety and health. The Commission will issue several interim studies and release its final recommendations in early 2005." [1]


The Foundation seeks to:

  1. "bolster scientific and political support for a U.S. energy policy that moves beyond old, polarized debates;
  2. "significantly increase federal R&D funding for energy efficiency and renewable technologies; and
  3. "promote policies to encourage clean-technology investment."


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Source: About NCEP.

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