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"Spiritual Healing in this country had been practised for many years and societies such as White Eagle Lodge (founded in 1936) were quietly getting on with it.

"In 1949 a small number of healers banded together under the leadership of John Britnell and formed the Essex Healers Association. Similar local groups were formed all over the U.K and soon it was seen that national co-ordination was needed.

"1952 – The Bristol Society of Spiritual Healing was formed and Dennis Fare drew up the Constitution – the card of which is still to hand.

"June 1954 – The National Federation of Spiritual Healers was created upon the initiative of John Britnell (Essex Healers) and Harry Edwards was recorded as member number one.

"1960 – the NFSH Chairman Gordon Turner persuaded the medical authorities to allow Spiritual Healers to visit and give healing in hospitals. Three years later it is recorded that 249 medical authorities governing 1,560 hospitals were allowing Spiritual Healers to practice.

"1963 – Harry Edwards, together with George and Olive Burton came to the Colston Hall in Bristol to give a healing demonstration. Dennis Fare met them and five years later he was asked by both Harry Edwards and Olive Burton to stand for election as Chairman of the NFSH.

"In 1970 Dennis Fare was asked by Harry Edwards to start the Bristol District & Somerset Association of Healers as by this time the Bristol Society of Healers had disbanded.

"1973 – due to his age, Harry Edwards resigned as President of the NFSH and Dennis Fare was elected. Very important people supported the NFSH - Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard, Sir Kelvin Spencer etc. and many doctors were now deeply integrated into healing. Dr. Gotthard Booth (USA) Dr. Christopher Woodard and Dr.Alec Forbes, a cancer consultant at Plymouth Hospital." [1]

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