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New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance (NY AREA) is a New-York lobby group that has backed a bid for the renewal of the operating license for the Indian Point nuclear power plants.

According to one news account, NY AREA is "funded at least partly by Entergy, Indian Point's owner." (Source: Michael Risinit, "Relicensing battle brews at Indian Pt," The Journal News (Westchester County, NY), March 30, 2005)

Entergy spokesperson Jim Steets told PR Watch that his company "was 'instrumental in the founding of New York AREA,' but said he didn't know 'how much of New York AREA's funding comes from Entergy.' He added, 'There's no question that there's a strong association' between Entergy and NY AREA, but as 'membership has grown, we've become just another dues-paying member.' NY AREA is comprised of 'independent-minded people, with interests of their own,' he stressed." [1]

Public relations

In November 2006, NY AREA issued a video news release (VNR) in support of extending the Indian Point nuclear power plant's license until 2035. [2] (9MB WMV file).

NY AREA lists Patrick Moore -- a public relations consultant retained by the Nuclear Energy Institute in 2006 -- as an advisor. [3] Moore appears in the November 2006 NY AREA VNR. [4]

NY AREA's website was registered by a Virginia-based PR firm, ProActive Communications. The VNR mentioned above also credits "ProActive production services" in its opening frames. According to ProActive's website, the firm also designed NY AREA's website, its logo and newsletter, in addition to a presentation template and DVD packaging for the group. [5]

As reported by PR Watch, Entergy's Jim Steets described ProActive's work for NY AREA as: "If there are events or messages, things that we should attend or that people who agree with us might want to attend, ProActive is helpful in organizing the grassroots campaign that would demonstrate that there are people who subscribe to this [NY AREA's] mission. They're skilled in grassroots organizing and advocacy, very similar to what the groups who oppose us do." [6]

ProActive Communications has also done work for other local pro-nuclear groups associated with Entergy, including the Vermont Energy Partnership and Massachusetts Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance. [7]

Environmental justice

In October 2007, NY AREA released a report titled, "Environmental Justice: A Growing Movement," co-authored by NY AREA's Laurent Lawrence and Norris McDonald of the African American Environmentalist Association. [1] The short report suggested:[2]

In addition to other programs and initiatives aimed at promoting conservation and efficiency and cutting automobile emissions, reducing the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation is crucial to improving the air quality in New York State. Through statewide investment in new technologies and environmentally friendly sources of energy such as wind, nuclear and solar, the adverse health impacts associated with fossil fuel power plant emissions could be reduced throughout minority and low-income communities.

The report concludes, "Ensuring that all citizens have a reliable supply of clean and affordable energy would represent a major step forward for the Environmental Justice movement in mitigating the effects of fossil fuel based power plants on low-income and minority communities."[2]


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