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"Nicholas is a chartered accountant and member of the Institute of Taxation. He trained with Arthur Andersen & Co before establishing his own accountancy practice. He has many years of experience in venture capital and corporate finance & structure and has acted as finance director for a number of client companies. He is a partner in Robert Fraser & Partners, a boutique corporate finance house where he has been involved in the organization of finance, corporate structure and management of marine, power, hotel and media projects. He is also a founder of Positive TV, Earth 2.0 and partner in Orion Network Consultants LLP, which participates in positive based film and media opportunities."[1]

"In 2006 I started a project with two others which became Positive TV – the essence of this for me was that much that is inspiring in the world is unrecognised and unreported and Positive TV is a small step towards remedying this. Its objective is to empower and inspire people rather than focus on catastrophe, death and destruction as traditional news outlets do. In late 2009 I was introduced by Dana Amma Day, one of the project co-founders, to Frank Da Silva, the founder of the Earth 2.0® project. This project is designed to confront the problems facing the Earth in its current Earth 1.0 paradigm, which is demonstrably failing, and to identify and support new innovative technologies and approaches that are addressing these problems under a new positive Earth 2.0® paradigm. Earth 2.0®'s original idea was to make a film for general release, although this concept has now evolved into a sustainable transmedia business, to include the film in due course. Frank was intending to attend and film the Prophets’ Conference in Cancun Mexico in January 2010 and I agreed to underwrite the costs of the venture. My role for Earth 2 Hub™ was initially a purely financial one, although my interest has developed as the project has developed...

"Science is increasingly looking to the world of the very small to solve problems related to the world of the very large using quantum physics, and I think that medicine needs similarly to look deeper from the chemical into the vibrational structure of matter for healing as in Vibrational Resonant Medicine to restore vibrational balance. Equally more attention should be given to the most potent drug of all – the placebo, which has proved that it is the body that heals itself in conjunction with a positive and healing mind, although outside elements may support and influence this. Unfortunately, there is likely to be major resistance to either of these being of no commercial benefit to drug companies." [2]


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