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Nicol Andrews was appointed Associate Director of Regional and Caucus to the Republican National Convention on June 4th, 2004 [1]. In addition to her formal title, she also acts as a spokeswoman for the convention [2].

Prior to her RNC appointment, she worked as a Press Secretary for the House Resources Committee. In this role, Andrews became involved in controversy in March 2004 when the Committee issued a press release attacking John Kerry. Many considered the press release to be explicitly partisan.

It was headlined with a quote from John Kerry about petroleum: "That black stuff is hurting us". And it went on to describe Kerry as "completely out of touch with basic economics … a hostage to the radical environmental community." The press release also contained the subheading "But is this just another flip-flop?", echoing a frequently used GOP line on Kerry [3]

According to the Las Vegas Weekly, Andrews saw nothing wrong with a House Committee issuing such a partisan press release: "Committee Press Secretary Nicol Andrews maintains that singling out one senator (who happens to be running for President) is policy as usual. 'There are a few obstructionists in the Senate who are holding [up] a nation's ability to craft good policy for our energy future,' she says. 'Senator Kerry happens to be one of the most vocal.'" [4]

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