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Nita Evele "is an activist from the DR Congo. She was born in Kinshasa, the capital, in 1974 and moved to the US in 1996 after the rebellion started in the DR Congo. In 1998, she found her calling and become an activist, which allowed her to connect directly with the struggle of individuals instead of passively watching events unfold. In the US, together with other Congolese activists, churches and other organizations, she has worked to support morally and socially the people in the DR Congo whom war had decimated deeply, especially children. In 2005, after briefly considering political life, she decided to fight for a cause beyond political party membership, and instead work with everyone involved in relieving people's suffering and bringing them peace and prosperity. In 2006, she joined Coalition of Pluralists and Congolese Patriots (COPPAC) which brings together Congolese that want to bring DR Congo issues into the spotlight. COPPAC primarily deals with issues pertaining to the DR Congo but also the social issues that are common to the entire African continent and African Diaspora. The coalition is rooted in its members' dedication to freedom, equality, and opportunity. They are devoted to the fight for equal rights and opportunities for all and advancing the sovereignty of their territory and continent." [1]

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