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North American Network, Inc. (NAN) is a Maryland-based public relations firm and "independently owned and operated radio broadcasting agency" that works with "corporations, associations, government agencies and public relations firms" to "help communicate their messages within the news and programming environments of radio broadcasts," according to their website. [1]


The services offered by NAN include:

  • RadioTour - "Radio media tours allow a spokesperson to be interviewed by several radio outlets in different media markets within a few hours. ... Interviews are via telephone with radio reporters, news producers or talk show hosts, are either live or taped, and last 5-10 minutes each. We target radio outlets for size, region and format, book interviews and prepare and supply background materials for interviewers." [2]
  • NewsFeed - "An audio news release (ANR) is a 60-second audio report with a news angle or 'hook,' and includes a sound bite or actuality from a company spokesperson or industry expert. ... We quickly write a script, target news outlets and produce the audio. NewsFeeds are pitched and distributed immediately and directly to newsrooms, and are used in radio station and network newscasts." [3]
  • ConsumerFeature - "Through our Consumer Radio Network division, North American Network produces and distributes ConsumerFeatures - 60-second news features that contain information on industry trends, product safety, product announcements and consumer protection issues. Every month ConsumerFeatures are distributed nationwide via CD, Satellite and the web. Hundreds of radio stations as well as networks routinely air ConsumerFeatures, which typically reach millions of listeners." [4]
  • Daybreak Fax - "Broadcast or blast faxes are printed information faxed to multiple recipients. ... Daybreak Faxes, typically sent early to reach morning show hosts and producers, can effectively publicize survey results, product announcements and fun facts, and can be used as an add-on to a NewsFeed to generate additional interest." [5]
  • Public Service Announcement - "Public service announcements (PSAs) promote social messages. PSAs do not require a news hook, but generally benefit from creative, captivating approaches. Celebrities often narrate PSAs. The most popular formats are 60-, 30- and 15- seconds. ... We can write, produce and distribute regional or national PSAs in English or Spanish." [6]
  • Promotion - "We use our targeting technology and pitching skills to locate and persuade top on-air personalities to award products or services - like DVD players, cosmetics or calling cards — to radio listeners through promotional contests and give-aways. You provide the merchandise; we make the arrangements with radio stations to reach your target demographics." [7]

Other NAN offerings include Spanish language versions of the above services, RadioFeature (for "a 'soft news' or consumer message and limited budget for quick, national distribution"), radio media buying, telephone-delivered news services, conference coverage, broadcast reports and writing and production services. [8]


According to PR Newswire, in 1985 NAN coordinated a "Symposium on the Future: An Interview with President Reagan," billed as the "'first time ever' college student interview with Reagan." NAN selected three college students for the September 1985 interview, based on "the quality of the questions submitted on the subjects stated on the application form." Copies of the interview were then distributed "to college radio stations across the United States and Canada (an estimated 1,300 stations)" and "distributed by satellite to European audiences and to public radio stations in the United States." The Reagan piece was the first in a series of NAN-coordinated and produced interviews, with possible future interviewees being "prominent scientists, leaders in the business world and influential members of the educational, political and religious communities," said NAN's program director, Loretta T. Kaneshige. (PR Newswire, August 14, 1985)


From the case studies listed on NAN's website: [9]


The firm's "leadership" includes: [12]

  • Tom Sweeney, Chief Client Advocate
  • Tammy Lemley, Vice President of Client and Station Services

Contact Information

North American Network, Inc.
7910 Woodmont Avenue
Suite 1400
Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 301-654-9810
Fax: 301-654-9828

General e-mail:
Websites: NAN's main website English-language ANRs Spanish-language ANRs

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