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NovoMedia is a New York-based public relations firm specializing in the production and distribution of fake news.

NovoMedia describes itself as a "full-service broadcast public relations, electronic publicity, and video production and distribution company that helps companies reach consumers by placing stories about the company’s product or service on broadcast and electronic media (television, radio, the Internet)." The firm produces and distributes Video news releases (VNRs), B-Roll packages, Satellite Media Tours, Audio news releases (ANRs), and Public Service Announcements (PSAs). [1]

ANRs for the African-American "Market"

In January 2006, NovoMedia announced a new ANR service to target the "influential African American market." The company's press release stated, "The African America [sic] market is becoming increasingly affluent and represents a major business opportunity that can make a difference for any business." David Henry, the firm's founder and president, was quoted as saying: [2]

"Most audio news release services target stations with a wide audience. The African American market segment has a profound influence on the music that we listen to, the clothes that we buy, and the lifestyle that we lead. It only makes sense to develop a service that addresses this powerful market segment, allowing public relations professionals to tailor their messages specifically for African Americans."

Henry told PR Week that "in doing work for the Hispanic market, he recognized a need for the same types of services in the African American market." He added, "Most corporations are behind the ball in reaching out to them [African-Americans]." [3]


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