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Reverend Professor Dr. Obiora F. Ike "is the Director/Founder of the Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace, Enugu. He was ordained a Catholic Priest on 4th July 1981 at Hohenems, Austria and appointed a Monsignor of the Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II in 2000. He is an erudite scholar, author and writer of over 60 published works; a publisher and human rights activist; a development practitioner; has a passionate interest in African Studies; a defender of African self determination in international discourse; a theologian and philosopher; and founder of several development and cultural organisations.

"He studied philosophy, economics, journalism, political science and theology at the Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu (1975-78); University of Innsbruck Austria (1978-1982); and doctorate degree studies in Bonn, Germany (1982 - 1986). He obtained the following degrees: B.Phil; B.D; M.A; M.Theol; Dr. Theol; and Diploma in Journalism (London). He speaks English, French, German, Igbo and Hausa fluently.

"He was appointed Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu in southern Nigeria in 1998. Widely traveled, Monsignor Ike has interests in studies that involve the inculturation of the Gospel in Africa, and in its social and pastoral dimensions. He has promoted several community oriented projects and received, in 1996, the Peace Prize (Shalom) of the University and City of Eichstaett, Germany.

"He is founder of the Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs Organisation (SEPTA); Director of the Grassroots Women Empowerment and Development Education (GWEDE); Chairman of the Africa Fund for Self Employment (AFOS); founding member and Bank Director of the Umuchinemere Community Bank in Nigeria which champions access to capital of small holders and raises awareness for sustainable economic development led by socially responsible businesses, corresponding to the motto of the Growing Businesses foundation where is he is an advisor and national board member.

"The Very Reverend Obiora Ike is a member of over 30 national and international organisations as well as chairman of 15 Boards. He is the Chairman of the Enugu Development Trust Fund (EDTF); Chairman of the Child Defence Foundation; Chairman of the Youth Development Organisation (YORDEL); Spiritual Director of the Holy Rosary College Enugu as well as pastor at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. He is a consultant in advisory capacity to the Catholic Bishop's Conference of Nigeria for Justice and Peace; Chairman of the Group of Co-ordinators of the Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province for Justice and Peace; member of the Pax Christi; President of the Islam-Christian Dialogue Committee in Enugu, Nigeria; member of the Ecumenical Association of Nigerian Theologians; member of the Nigerian Association of Catholic Theologians; Chairman of the Commission for Development Justice and Peace of the Church in Nigeria in Enugu; member of the Board of Trustees of the Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF), Lagos Nigeria which is the leading micro Finance Institution for the forging of partnerships between the private informal and the formal sectors of the economy.

"Professor Obiora Ike belongs to a new crop of Nigerians who are unafraid of the future and have hope to renew the face of the earth. He enjoys music, reading and writing and has a passion for promoting African art and culture as an instrument of promoting African identity and African self-determination." [1]

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