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Ogilvy Government Relations is a Washington DC-based lobbying firm formerly called the Federalist Group.

The firm was acquired by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide for $60 million in 2005, and changed its name to Ogilvy Government Relations in early 2007. [1] According to O'Dwyer's PR Daily, the firm decided "to switch its name as the Democrats take control of Congress," adding that "the Republican PR lobbying firm" had "recently made inroads with Democrats as evidence by the December hire of Moses Mercado (former deputy executive director of the Democratic National Committee) and ex-Louisiana Congressman Chris John." [2]

Practice areas

The firm's practice areas are: [3]

  • Legislative and Executive Advocacy
  • Image and Relationship Building
  • Crisis Management
  • Grassroots Outreach - "Ogilvy PR serves Ogilvy Government Relations clients in formulating effective grassroots efforts, using a variety of disciplines including advocacy advertising, direct mail, coalition building, media outreach and online communications."


Working for Ameren

The major U.S. power utility, Ameren spent $160,000 on Ogilvy Government Relations in 2008 and 40,000 so far in 2009.[1] The registered lobbyists were Chris Giblin, Drew Maloney, Julie Dammann, Wayne Berman, and John Green.


The firm lists the following staff on its website (accessed February 19, 2007); biographical information from an Ogilvy press release: [7] [8]

Contact information

Ogilvy Government Relations
1331 H Street, NW 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202.842.5077
Fax: 202.842.5010
Website: http://www.ogilvygr.com



  1. “Ogilvy Government Relations” Center for Public Integrity, accessed July 2009.

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