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The Open Market Operations

Wall Street Bailout Accounting
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Balance Sheet
Current outstanding:
Public Funds
Maximum at-risk: $125B
Current at-risk:

* See the methodology and glossary for definitions of "disbursed," etc.

Funding agency and aid type

The funding agency is the Federal Reserve.

Loans, interest rate change mechanism.

Who benefits



Via Prins:

“OMOs are the principal tool of monetary policy, comprising purchases and sales of U.S. Government and Federal agency securities that are used to affect bank reserves and, in turn, the cost and availability of money and credit in the U.S. economy. The FOMC specifies a short-term objective for the OMOs. These policy targets change from time to time, but the current objective of the FOMC is to stabilize the federal funds rate around a target interest rate. The FOMC instructs the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (“FRBNY”) to engage in OMOs as appropriate to keep the federal funds rate near the target.”



Prins: “In September 2008, the Fed injected $125 billion into the market by purchasing securities and repurchase agreements, or repos, in which primary dealers borrow cash from the fed.” [2]

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