Our troops want to finish the job

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President George W. Bush said on April 17, 2007, that "our troops want to finish the job" in Iraq.

Other instances

  • Diane Rooney of Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission said in a video message: "Our troops want to finish the job. Our all-volunteer Armed Services are comprised of brave men and women who believe in their mission, trust in their leadership, and strongly want to finish the job in Afghanistan and Iraq before leaving - and that means leaving behind self-governing democracies that can defend themselves."
  • The Conservative Voice stated August 23, 2005: "Our soldiers in Iraq see firsthand the handiwork of Islamic terrorists. That's why our troops want to finish the job in Iraq. People need to understand that winning the war in Iraq will not stop Islam's war against America, but it will deny the Islamic terrorists a very large training ground and access to a huge portion of the world's oil. And, not to be dismissed as a small feat, 25 million Iraqi people will be free."
  • Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, then CENTCOM deputy director, said August 15, 2006, on CNN: "I think the troops want to finish the job. And if they left knowing that the job was left unfinished when they had the opportunity to stay, they want to get the job done. And they want to come back to a grateful nation with a job well done. And that's exactly what is happening."
  • Marie Jon', founder of www.DrawingClose.org, a sister website to RenewAmerica.us wrote March 26, 2007: "Our troops want to finish the job and win the peace in a country that has been torn asunder by Al-Qaeda and their terrorists' radical Islamic sympathizers."

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