Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees

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Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) was founded in 1983 and "is a leading Palestinian NGO working in the field of rural development, environment protection, and women empowerment." [1]

Our Consortium [2]

  • CA (Christian Aid)
  • EED ( Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst)
  • NOVIB (Netherlands Organization for International Development Cooperation)
  • Oxfam Belgium/ European Commission
  • NRD/NORAD (The Royal Norwegian Society for Development)
  • Belgian Cooperation
  • IEPALA (Instituto de estudio para América Latina y Africa)
  • FPSC (Fundacio'n Promocio'n Social de la Cultura)

Directors 2005 [3]

Our Supporters

ACDI-VOCA - United States of America

Contact details

P.O. BOX 25128
Shufat- Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5833818
Fax: 02-5831898

Tel: 02-2963840/9-1
Fax: 02-2963850

P.O. BOX 225
Tel: 08-2805040/1/2/3
Fax: 08-2805039

Email: parc AT

Resources and articles


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