Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction

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Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction

"PECDAR is the acronym of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) established PECDAR as an independent institution in 1993 in full cooperation and coordination with the donor community to Palestine in support of the peace process.

"The PLO approved the bylaws of PECDAR on Oct. 1993, and in the same year; PECDAR‘s mandate was endorsed by the general meeting of the donors which was held in Washington D.C. under the chairmanship of former U. S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher and The World Bank." [1]

"Many thanks goes to our donors, and partners in peace and development, with particular reference to the European Union, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UNDP, Islamic Development Fund, OPEC Fund, Saudi Fund, Malaysia, World Bank, Britain, France (AFD), and Arab Fund." [2]


"After signing the Palestinian-Israeli Declaration of Principles (DOP, OSLO I) an international donor conference was held in Washington in October 1993 to mobilize international aid to assist the Palestinian people to develop their economy through financing infrastructure, health and education programs and promoting the private sector as a contribution to the peace process. The conference resulted in a total pledge of US$2.4 million, to be distributed by the World Bank and over 30 potential donor countries over the period 1994-1998.

" The Palestinian Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR) was established in November 1993 to organize, administer and disburse international aid in an effective and efficient way. It was assigned by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the newly-formed Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to prepare and monitor development projects financed by foreign aid and to coordinate the activities of the donor countries in the Palestinian Territories. Acting on the economic guidelines of the PNA, PECDAR has evolved to become the development think-tank of Palestine and the implementing agency assigned by the PNA, the World Bank and the donor states to propose, select and implement foreign aid-funded projects as well as to coordinate and facilitate the flow and allocation of the funds." [3]



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