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Learn more about corporations VOTING to rewrite our laws.

Pam Galloway is a Republican state senator representing Wisconsin's 29th District. She is a medical doctor and surgeon who has specialized in breast cancer.

Ties to American Legislative Exchange Council

Sen. Galloway is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). She is a member of the ALEC International Relations Task Force. Sen. Galloway paid her 2011 ALEC membership dues with $100 in taxpayer funds, according to One Wisconsin Now. [1] In the 2011-2012 legislative session, Sen. Galloway co-sponsored 12 bills that reflect ALEC models, according to an analysis by the Center for Media and Democracy. 

About ALEC
ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wishlists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. They pay for a seat on ALEC task forces where corporate lobbyists and special interest reps vote with elected officials to approve “model” bills. Learn more at the Center for Media and Democracy's, and check out breaking news on our site.

Galloway and the Environment

  • Agricultural conservation easement purchase program eliminated; conservation fee requirement for rezoning land out of a farmland preservation zoning district eliminated............SB-24
  • Continuous disinfection of municipal water supply: DNR prohibited from requiring unless required by federal law............SB-19
  • Electric provider may count electricity derived from a large hydroelectric facility toward compliance with the renewable portfolio standard............SB-81

Galloway and Economic Development

  • Prevailing wage law: changes made by 2009 WisAct 28 altered or eliminated re certain publicly funded private construction projects, threshold for applicability to public works projects, inspection and submission of payroll records re DWD, and violation remedies; other revisions re enactment of statewide concern, "prevailing wage rate" defined, exemptions for small municipalities and residential properties, incidental work outside a worker's usual trade, and application to work the local government is not required to compensate for and certain truck drivers and subjourneypersons............AB-183
  • Enterprise zones: number Comm.Dept may designate increased with rural zone requirement; business tax credits provision............AB-2 / SB4

Galloway and Education

Galloway and Guns

  • Concealed weapons: license procedure created and prohibition on possession in certain public places revised; codifies federal law re active duty and former law enforcement officers; creates certification cards for former state and local law enforcement officers; restrictions on transporting a handgun in a vehicle modified; disorderly conduct provision; permitted in person's legally occupied home or business; circuit court and DOJ duties; penalties for certain offenses; JRCCP report............AB-126 / SB-90
  • Going armed with a concealed and dangerious weapon and ineligible to possess a firearm re certain background check made a felony; knowingly purchasing a firearm for a person prohibited from possessing a firearm made a felony; JRCCP report; contingent upon enactment of bill creating concealed carry license............SB-131
  • Going armed with concealed and dangerous weapon prohibition eliminated; prohibition on going armed or possessing a firearm in certain public places revised; requirement that a firearm or bow or crossbow be unloaded or unstrung and encased in a vehicle eliminated; possessing electric weapons permitted; disorderly conduct provision............SB-93

National Rifle Association "A" Rating

Sen. Galloway received an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA), which is also an ALEC member.

Support for Wisconsin Act 10's Collective Bargaining Limits

Sen. Galloway supported Governor Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill (Act 10) that curtailed collective bargaining for public employees.

2011 / 2012 Committee Assignments

Senate Standing Committees:

  • Committee on Health
  • Committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce, and Government Operations
  • Committee on Natural Resources and Environment
  • Committee on Public Health, Human Services, and Revenue (Chair)

Joint Committees:

  • Joint Legislative Council


The campaign to recall Galloway was initiated on November 15, 2011. Petition gatherers will need to come up with 15,647 signatures within 60 days in order for a recall election to take place. [2]