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Pam Solo, Founder and President, Civil Society Institute.

"Pam Solo began her public interest career in the 1970s by co-founding and co-directing the Rocky Flats campaign and the national Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force. The campaign and task force aimed to expose the local hazards of weapon production facilities as a way for local communities to begin understanding the costs of the Cold War and the arms race. Solo was one of the founders and leaders of the national Nuclear Weapon Freeze Campaign. In the 1980s Solo was the campaign director for Congresswoman Pat Schroeder and managed her Presidential exploratory campaign. Pam represented the Freeze movement internationally and helped to found Freeze Voter. She worked for the Armed Services Committee professional staff working on burden sharing. In 1992 she founded the Civil Society Institute, which she continues to direct. She is a recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship and the author of From Protest to Policy: Beyond the Freeze to Common Security and co-author of The Promise and Politics of Stem Cell Research." [1]

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