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Parents and Grandparents Alliance, is a project of Reed Irvine's Accuracy in Media, under the direction of his son Don Irvine, which runs a "family values" campaign against the "liberal" mainstream media, and frequently targets Democrats. Their mission statement is as follows:

"Parents and Grandparents Alliance is committed to reversing the current trend of increasing violence, filth, and smut in the media. The organization seeks support from individuals as well as like-minded groups in an effort to clean up television, pop music and movies. Our goal is to motivate television, music and movie companies to act responsibility. In doing so we will confront them with evidence of the effect violent and vulgar media has had on our children, grandchildren and our society as a whole."

In July 2001, a group with a similar name and identified with AIM - the Outraged Parents of America - ran a full page advertisement in the New York Times stating:

"TV, Movie & Music Company Heads… How Can You Sleep At Night? We Find You Guilty Of A Monstrous Evil. PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS: THIS IS FOR OUR CHILDREN ... You're Teaching Children That Violence Is Acceptable, You're Encouraging Kids To Use Drugs, You're Leading Children To An Early Sex, You're Causing A Teenage Venereal Disease Epidemic, Your Role In School Shootings, Your Role In Teen Suicides, We're Not Going To Let You Deny The Truth Any Longer! ..." (etc.)

Towards the bottom of the advertisement it stated: "Accuracy in Media (AIM), America's oldest news watchdog organization, angered because the news media are not telling the public the shocking facts revealed on this page, is paying for ads like this so YOU, armed with the TRUTH, can bring your influence to bear on your local TV and radio stations and their advertisers demanding they stop airing material destructive of the morals, health and lives of America's children."

A similar fill page advert appeared in newspapers around the country in early 2004. According to an opinion column in, the advertisement stated: "We are outraged! ... Why doesn't Congress expose the horrendous facts that prove TV, pop music and movie companies are leading children to sex, drugs, violence … even suicide? A horrendous tragedy is happening in America." [1]

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