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ParoleWatch was set up in 1994 to "use the Internet to keep victims and the general public informed about an offender's parole status." [1] (Organisation may have closed down?)

"ParoleWatch is being launched by Take Back New York Inc., an organization founded three years ago "to give the law-abiding public a greater voice in the criminal justice system and to advocate for the rights of victims," in the words of the group's founder and executive director, Joseph Diamond...
"It has some prominent supporters. Raoul Felder, the New York divorce lawyer, serves as chairman of the project's advisory board, which also includes several well-known victims' rights advocates. Felder said he backed the project because too often victims receive no notification when offenders are up for parole...
"Marc Mauer, assistant director of the Sentencing Project, a Washington, D.C.-based criminal justice advocacy group, said that the site could divert attention from the real problem: what to do to keep a community safe once a prisoner does get out of jail." [2]


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