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"Pathway works towards the development of an inclusive, ethical and resilient economy and society by designing and establishing the necessary institutions, instruments and frameworks to facilitate change and by incubating public-private partnerships.

"The first Pathway project is the establishment of a China-based international gathering called ‘The Hanwang Forum’ in partnership with Chinese organizations. The Hanwang Forum endeavours to bring relevant stakeholders from China to meet with their counterparts from the rest of the world and to deliver projects that advance sustainable development globally.

"Under the umbrella of a society-wide sustainable development approach, the inaugural Forum focused on eight (7+1) areas that together impact the environment, the economy and social coherence as a whole.

"Participants explored these areas in small groups and, in so doing, defined the principles and metrics that will subsequently guide integrated action.

"Each conversation was animated by an internationally recognised figure who combined depth of expertise as well as breadth through retaining a global perspective. The eight areas and animators of each, who in turn form Pathway’s Executive Committee, are:


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