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Patrick Sheehy was a British American Tobacco Company(BATCO) Director for the U.S., Canada & Australia.

P. Sheehy was also the Board Chairman of Public Relations & Planning, Tobacco Executive and Chairman. He also served as chair of ICOSI, the International Committee on Smoking Issues, which convened to fight governments on regulations due to health concerns.(Source: NM Tobacco Companies Personnel List)

Sheehy was the first non-chairman of British American Tobacco Industries to be put in charge of Brown & Williamson as Territorial Director in 1973. He thus became responsible to the Board of London for the performance of this biggest, 100% owned subsidiary. When Sheehy wrote to Brown & Williamson, the words were chosen to avoid any connotation of telling Brown & Williamson what to do. Sheehy took all the significant strategic decisions for Brown & Williamson for 20 years until 1993 (with just a year or two when he relinquished being Territoral Director) but only very, very senior BATmen were allowed by Sheehy to know anything at all about the US market. His knowledge of British American Tobacco's most important market clinched his getting the British American Tobacco Chairmanship in 1982.

Sheehy holidayed with his family often in August in the 1980s in the United Stated and Brown & Williamson moved the Sheehys around like Royality.(Source: NM facsimile dated 4/3/97 to Michael Moore entitled "Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation")

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